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About US


We have established in 1991 in Vilnius and began import and wholesale activities by distributing global brands, such as STORCK, HENKEL, RECKITT BENCKISER, DILMAH and many others. Currently “Sakalas” is one of the strongest integrated distribution service providers in the Baltic region. We are proud of our professional team, quality of services and well-developed distribution system.

In 2015 company became a partner of the distribution alliance D.A.LIS. This alliance consists of three distribution companies – “Sakalas” in Lithuania, “Leversa” in Latvia and “Interaltus” in Estonia. The main goal of this alliance is to conclude pan-Baltic deals. This partnership provides opportunities to expand the availability of products not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia and Estonia.

Company stands out for:

– Professional and on each customer’s needs based services;
– Innovative work processes;
– Flexible and quick response to market changes;
– Maintaining long-term relationships and close cooperation with partners and customers.


Proven Success


Our company is named under the name “Sakalas”. This word has very concrete meaning – it is a falcon in Lithuanian language. We think that this beautiful animal is very smart, dashing and fast. As much as falcon business has to make smart but also fast decisions. In our opinion market of distribution, sales and merchandising have similarities with the war zone in the nature. In our environment you have to have good “hunting” skills and right tactics to stand out in the market not only to survive but to thrive. We believe that in hardships you can always find opportunities. With the help of good analytical skills and the addition of professional staff, we can be sure that we will offer the highest quality services for our customers.



Trust us with your brand development – from product imports, storage to sales and marketing strategy creation, as well as implementation. Our modern warehouse management system and professional team will ensure the smooth management of projects and long-term cooperation.

Sales and distribution:


  • management of supply contracts;
  • order management;
  •  the introduction of products to the sales points;
  •  sales promotion plans and implementation.



  • transportation and storage of products, residue management;
  • product preparation for domestic market: label preparation, layouts and printing services;
  • prompt delivery of goods to suppliers and customers (within 24 hours).



  • advertising and sales campaigns organization and coordination;
  • implementation of communications, brand image;
  • required promotional material development, production;
  • competitive analysis, reports, pricing;
  • all other customer support.



  • optimal covering of sales points;
  • product management with regard to the targeted objectives/seasonal aspects/shares;
  • distribution and control of the products;