We care

Businesses are often no longer satisfied with implementation of their scheduled work, orders, agreements, securing supply chains, staff remuneration, welfare, and other day-to-day issues. While there is never a shortage of work to do, it is important to look back at society, prevailing times and to help those who need it most.

To help and educate – Sakalas, UAB, implements public social goals, including helping those who are struggling and affected by the events of the time and educate the public, especially the younger generation, by prioritizing constructive discussion on topical issues and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

We contributed to the Maltesers Soup campaign

For the 18 years the Order of Malta Aid Service “Maltesers” has been organizing the campaign “Maltesers Soup”, to which this year we have also contributed with financial support to the elderly in care. “Maltesers Soup” campaign eventually became an inspiration to share kindness and care with those in need. It is good to bring a little light into the homes of those who need it most.

We cooperate with the charity and support fund “Maisto Bankas”

In today’s world, it is vital to keep our eyes open to the misfortunes of others and to lend a helping hand to each other. A helping hand for man, a helping hand for our earth. As much as a third of the world’s food is uneaten or thrown away. Food waste in the European Union amounts to 90 million tons each year, or 180 kg per person. Meanwhile, 55 million people (or 9.6% of the population of EU member states) can afford to buy quality protein-rich food every second day.

That is why, since the very beginning of its activity, Sakalas, UAB, has been cooperating with the charity and support foundation “Maisto Bankas.” We aim not only to waste or pollute our environment as little as possible, but also to help those who really need it.

Food waste is not only an unused opportunity to feed the hungry, but also other resources, like land, water and energy, labor force; are wasted.

We support sport and active lifestyle

Since 2021, we have proudly collaborated with Vilnius Rytas, the strongest sports organization in the country’s capital.

This cooperation is driven by similar values – an active, healthy lifestyle and sport. The partnership, which started several years ago, allows basketball fans to be introduced to healthy snack alternatives, to be motivated to take care of themselves and to become even more active in their leisure time.

We encourage children’s participation in various educational projects

We care about children’s employment and actively contribute to various sporting events, scientific conferences, concerts organized by schools and organizations.

We contributed to the implementation of the scientific conference “Tolerant School – Safe Society” organized by Klaipėda University for students of 5–12 grades by awarding the conference participants, winners, and prize winners.

We contributed to the 50th anniversary concert of the Vilnius Karoliniškės Music School at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, where 1,000 music students performed.

A healthy mind in a healthy body. We encourage children to take part in a wide range of sports events, such as gymnastics, figure skating, running, basketball, and more.

Ukraine support event

In the aftermath of a devastating war, we refuse to remain indifferent. Instead, we actively contribute financially, forge stronger bonds with our partners in Ukraine, and motivate individuals to participate in fundraising endeavors. One of such campaigns, organized by initiative people, invited people to donate, and we treated everyone who came on a cold winter’s day with a delicious warming “Mamos konservai” soup.


Today’s sustainability challenge is driving companies to find diverse ways to reduce their environmental impact. One such initiative is the 750-kW solar power plant that Sakalas, UAB, has been using since July. According to the latest figures, the green energy solar power plant has already achieved impressive results: it has reduced CO₂ emissions by almost 50 tons, saving more than 20 tons of carbon, and preserving almost 3,000 trees.

The decision to integrate solar energy into everyday processes reflects corporate responsibility. Such investments not only reduce harmful emissions, but can also reduce energy costs, which in turn saves resources and allows for more efficient business management. This is a notable example of how traditional energy sources can be replaced by clean and efficient solutions that contribute to protecting the environment and reducing air pollution.