Manufacturers of various products who do not want to be left behind by the latest trends and the prevailing times are constantly striving to bring to the market new, innovative, and untried products that meet the needs of their customers. In such a high demand for products, it is essential to stand out and be visible to potential and existing customers.

Drawing on our extensive experience in marketing and taking into account the needs of the manufacturer, we can offer various marketing services, from the preparation of minimal visuals and communication on social networks, to the creation of a comprehensive brand identity and its ongoing development.

We constantly monitor and analyze the actions of our competitors, looking for ways to stand out and attract the attention of customers to the brands represented by Sakalas, UAB.

Marketing strategy

The development of a brand is paralleled by the development of a brand marketing strategy that generates results. The advertising strategy combines traditional and digital marketing channels to increase brand awareness and promote sales. It is an essential organizational tool for the consistent and efficient use of resources and the achievement of long-term business objectives. Every brand is unique, with distinctive characteristics, hence we take great care in selecting the right advertising campaigns for your brand.

We take care of everything – from creating a communication message and a promotional clip, to selecting the most appropriate integrations in traditional and digital marketing channels: print in press, TV, social media, influencer communications and other advertising formats.

Digital advertising

Nowadays, you could say that a brand does not exist if it’s not on social networks. We create social media accounts for our clients’ brands, create promotional texts, prepare the necessary visuals, maintain the accounts, and develop brand visibility. We choose the right digital advertising channels and partners.

Promotional campaigns

Our extensive experience in working with various brands and our experience in promoting brands at events allows us to properly select relevant events, prepare promotional tents, flags, advertising messages for communication and other relevant promotional materials.

We can take care of the visual design for print, selecting the most appropriate magazines and other publications based on the target audience.

Sales promotions

An attractive price alone is often not enough to achieve better results. Other sales promotions must be implemented alongside an excellent product price – one of the most popular forms of sales promotions is the scratch-off tickets promotion.

This is a promotion in which the shopper participates in an instant lottery and can win prizes or extra money at the current moment. We take care of the campaign from start to finish.

Taking into account the product’s target audience and seasonality, we select and order the most suitable prizes for the brand and the audience, take care of the layout, and order the production of scratch-off tickets and promotional posters, and take care of the logistical processes – delivery of the promotional material to the points of sale.

Additional expositions

A more distinctive, clearly visible product will definitely be more visible to the customer – for this purpose, we propose the use of additional product expositions at the point of sale. We can provide a wide range of stands to suit your needs, and all the materials you need – from design to the right size and shape.


We understand that it is important not only to show the product, but also to make it more familiar to customers, hence one of the best ways to do that is to taste it. We can arrange and offer the most suitable tasting option, whether it is a traditional tasting in a grocery store or product distribution at events. Our goal is to reach the brand’s target audience.

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