1.1. Sakalas, UAB, (hereinafter – the Company or we) acknowledge the importance of personal data protection, therefore, we process personal data responsibly and carefully. This document contains information about how we process personal data collected by us when you visit our website (hereinafter – the Website) www.sakalas.eu as a user (hereinafter – the User).

1.2. Our privacy policy (hereinafter – the Privacy Policy) is not applied when you browse websites of other companies or use services provided by third parties, even when you get there through our Website.

1.3. When processing personal data, we follow General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the Protection of Natural Persons with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and on the Free Movement of such Data and Repealing Directive 95/46/EC, hereinafter – the Regulation) and instructions provided in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data, other legal acts to be applied directly and those from competent institutions that regulate personal data protection.


2.1. We are a controller of your personal data, we – Sakalas, UAB, legal entity number 120423642, headquarters address Liepkalnio str. 97B, LT-02121 Vilnius.

2.2. To process your personal data, we may ask other processors (for example, IT, server services, companies rendering services of website administration, companies conducting analyses or providing advertising services and the like). We require from such processors to store, process and handle the personal data as responsibly as we do and in accordance with our instructions only.


3.1. We seek to improve the Website, so that it would be convenient and easy to use. Therefore, we collect the Website traffic statistics, which assists us in becoming aware which information is important to the Website Users, what browsers they use, how often they connect to the Website, from what regions they are and other statistical and demographic information. We collect the Website traffic statistics using Google Analytics service. We use statistical data having a legitimate interest to understand better the needs of the Users so that we could provide more exact and more accessible information about our activity and services on the Website. You may disable Google Analytics as described here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/ or via changes in the settings in Our Cookies tool as described below.

3.2. Supporting the Website, the Website server may record queries submitted by you (address of website opened, a device and the browser used by you, your IP address and login time). Administering the Website and diagnosing disorders in the operation of the Website server, we may use IP addresses of the Users. We use these data for technical purposes in order to achieve the legitimate interest to have our Website operating properly and safely and to analyse all potential security violations.

3.3. We may use IP addresses for establishing a User and collecting various demographic or statistical information as well.

3.4. When you use the Website, we, with the help of cookies, collect information about this use. Information on cookies, types of cookies and their purpose is provided below.

3.5. Should you want to contact us and (or) complete the form provided on the Website, we collect the name, information about your company and e-mail address provided by you. We collect this information having received your consent and it is used for the purposes of having a contact with you to the extent you allow us to use this information.

3.6. We use the data collected for the purposes defined during collection only and store it responsibly against being lost, unauthorised use and alterations.


4.1. In order to ensure a proper operation of the Website, we use cookies. The same is done by the majority of large websites.

4.2. A cookie is a small file of information, sent to your computer or other device (for example, a mobile phone) when you are visiting a respective website and saved in your browser. The cookie is sent to your computer or other device in order to save data, while a company responsible for implementation of this cookie could recover them and update.

4.3. Cookie information may consist of data how the User uses the Website, its computer IP address, your browser type, demographic data and, if the User has come at the Website from a webpage of a third party, webpage URL link.

4.4. Cookies are implemented on your device after receiving your consent only, except for the cookies that are necessary to ensure exclusively technical operation of the Website. The legal grounds for technical cookie use is a legitimate interest to ensure technical functioning of a website.


5.1. Cookies allow the Website to operate more effectively, know more about the behaviour of the Website Users, analyse tendencies, provide information to the administrators of the Website for the statistical or advertising purposes. We use cookies for the following purposes:

5.1.1. To memorize your preferences on the Website (for example, a language), as well as to memorize your previous visit;

5.1.2. To ensure presence of the Website main functions;

5.1.3. To control the number of queries on the Website and ensure protection of the Website visitors;

5.1.4. To analyse statistics of the Website;

5.1.5. To ensure functioning of tools of third parties (e.g., LinkedIn) on the Website;

5.1.6. To develop services and target marketing orientation.

5.2. We do not use cookies or other tracking technologies to collect information from your computer or store on your computer or any other device, using which you visit the Website, or track your actions online when you are offline in regard of our Website.

5.3. Our Website uses some tools of third parties as well, for example, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and those third parties also may use cookies through our Website.

5.4. We may use and aggregate statistical data of the Website users in order to analyse the traffic and demographic tendencies, still we do not create individual personal profiles for each User.


6.1. The following type cookies may be used on our Website:

6.1.1. Technical cookies are necessary for ensuring the proper functioning of the Website and possibility to use its functions. You will not be able to use services of the Website without these cookies;

6.1.2. Functional cookies allow the Website to memorize your preferences (e.g., language chosen) and offer improved functions. Functional cookies are not necessary on the Website, still they improve quality of navigation and your experience on the Website;

6.1.3. Analytical cookies assist in conducting statistical analysis of visitor navigation methods and other parameters of the Website. The results obtained by these cookies usually are anonymous, they are used for statistical purposes only;

6.1.4. Target or Promotional Cookies are used to show the contents you are interested in as well as advertising information;

6.1.5. Social platform cookies are necessary if you want to represent the contents of the Website in the accounts of social networks.


7.1. Your consent regarding use of cookies is received when you visit the Website and set the options shown in the table about the cookies you permit. At any time, you may withdraw your consent given regarding use of cookies or change this consent.

7.2. Information on your consent:

7.2.1. Your consent is applied to the following areas: sakalas.eu

7.2.2. Your consent status is current: only necessary cookies.

7.2.3. Change your consent

7.3. You may select allow cookies to be saved, as well as disable them, erase thorough changing the settings of the browser used. The place of presence of these settings depends on the browser you use. In order to delete the cookies from your mobile phone or any other mobile device, you may require to review the instruction of use of your phone or phone software. More information on cookies, their use, possibilities of opt out of them is provided at www.allaboutcookies.org, or on the Help page of your browser.

7.4. Please be advised that in some cases disabling the cookies, disagreement with the cookies or erasure of them may slow down the speed of browsing online, limit possibilities of operation of some functions of the Website or block access to the Website.


8.1. Our employees (from marketing, sales, IT divisions) that are responsible for analysis of these data and improvement in the Website have the access to the statistical data of the Website. Our processors (see item 2.2 of the Privacy Policy) may have access to these data as well.

8.2. Our Partners also may have access to technical records who provide the Website contents with control tools or Website accommodation services. Our other processors (see item 2.2 of the Privacy Policy) may have access to these data as well.

8.3. Google Analytics tool is provided by Google Inc. Thus, this company also has access to statistical data collected using this tool. Google Inc. has committed itself to apply conditions of EU-USA Privacy Shield.


9.1. Your personal data are processed responsibly and securely. When setting the means for personal data processing, as well as during data processing, we implement proper technical and organizational measures provided for in legal acts for protection of your personal data being processed against any unlawful or accidental destruction, damage, change, losing, disclosing, as well as against any illegitimate processing.

9.2. Personal data security measures are set taking into account the risks arising when processing of personal data takes place.

9.3. Terms for storage of cookies and Google Analytics information are provided in Item 6.3 of the Privacy Policy. Other personal data are stored to the extent necessary to achieve the goals set out during their collection.


10.1. You have the following rights:

10.1.1. To receive information from us about your personal data processed;

10.1.2. To ask us for correction of your personal data and (or) to stop the actions of such personal data processing, except for storage, in the cases when having familiarized yourselves with your personal data, you find out that personal data are incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate;

10.1.3. To ask us to erase your personal data. Also, to destroy personal data and (or) stop the actions of such personal data processing, except for storage, in the cases when having familiarized yourselves with your personal data, you find out that personal data are managed illegitimately or dishonestly, excessive personal data are managed or any other grounds provided for in legal acts are present;

10.1.4. To disagree that your personal data is processed for the purposes of direct marketing or withdraw the consent given;

10.1.5. To receive in the systematized, usually used and read by computer format, personal data related to yourselves, which you have submitted to us and sent such personal data to other data controller or require that we send these personal data to another data controller directly, when this is technically possible (the right to data portability).

10.2. If your personal data are erased after asking us to do so, we will store the copies of information only that are necessary in order to protect legitimate interests of third parties, follow obligations imposed by state institutions, solve disputes, recognize interference or obligate to follow any agreements, which you have concluded with us.


11.1. You may contact us [info@sakalas.eu]. regarding your rights as a personal data subject or complaints, related to personal data processing. Upon submitting such a request, we may ask your personal identification document or any other information, which will help us to make sure that your identity is true.

11.2. You may contact the State Data Protection Inspectorate or any other institution performing personal data protection as well. Still at all times we will seek to solve all issues directly, together with you, therefore, we propose to contact us first.

11.3. Should any questions arise regarding information provided in this Privacy Policy, please contact US in any way convenient to you: via e-mail [info@sakalas.eu], phone No. [+370 5 2152 457], post services using our address [Liepkalnio str. 97B, LT-02121]


12.1. We will inform the users on substantial changes in this Privacy Policy through a notification on the Website www.sakalas.eu