We offer you professional distribution services tailored to each client’s needs – from product import, storage, and introduction to the market, to the creation and implementation of sales and marketing strategic plans. Thanks to our modern warehouse management system and in-house specialists, we ensure smooth project management and long-term cooperation.

1 / Sales

  • Order creation, execution, control
  • Entering goods at the point of sale
  • Entering into and managing supply agreements with points of sale
  • Optimal coverage of points of sale
  • Management of goods considering set targets/seasonality/promotions
  • Goods merchandising and control
  • Sales promotion plans development and implementation
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2 / Marketing

  • Promotional campaigns, sales promotions organization and coordination
  • Performance of communication and formation of product brand image in the market
  • Preparation and production of the necessary promotional material
  • Competitor analysis, pricing
  • Customer service
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3 / Logistics

  • Transportation, warehousing, inventory management
  • Goods preparation for introduction into the market: labelling, layout, and printing
  • Prompt delivery of goods to suppliers and customers (within 24 hours)
  • Excise warehouses
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