One of the goals of Sakalas, UAB, is to achieve the deepest level of distribution, allowing customers to buy the products of the represented brands not only in the major supermarket chains, but also in smaller shops and stores.

We work with all sales channels, hence Sakalas products can be found in petrol stations, pharmacies, online shops, hotels, and restaurants. We carefully and responsibly select the most appropriate range of products for each customer.

We do not just work to get the product on the shelves, but we also work to sell it – with a strong focus on merchandising, products expositions, additional displays and sales-boosting promotional campaigns.

Placing goods on the market

We monitor our competitors and carefully analyze the current market situation, so that we can offer our customers the best and most attractive products. We carefully select the most suitable products for each point of sale. We take care of entering into agreements with a customer, goods ordering, stock control and promotional campaigns.

Goods management

We understand that products are seasonal, so we plan and run promotions responsibly. Each season, we work with manufacturers and listen to what our customers want, to offer products that are relevant for that season. We plan additional expositions responsibly and monitor product stocks.

Maintenance of goods

Sakalas’ team of professionals controls the placement of products on the shelves according to priority, popularity and other criteria agreed with the client. The Merchandising Team monitors the order of products to ensure that they are placed in their designated areas; makes sure that there are no shortages on the shelves; and ensures that the pricing is correct. During each promotion with additional product expositions, team ensures that stands are filled with the products participating in the promotion.

Sales promotion

We organize point-of-sale campaigns to drive sales – this includes scratch-off tickets promotions, product tastings, lotteries, product launches highlighting the most important and attractive aspects of products, and other campaigns to engage shoppers. We take care of everything from preparing the visuals and promotional personnel, to providing the customer with structured feedback on the promotion.

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