Spring – season of the year when melting snow fills the roots of each awakened tree with vitamins and minerals. It is the birth of sap – healthy and unique drink that nature gifts us every year.

Sip Sap is being collected when it’s the best quality – in the very beginning of March, from 2 to 4 weeks, in certified and organic forest areas. A small hole is made in the trunks of healthy birch trees, then the sap starts dripping into the tanks. Almost 100 liters of sap can be collected from one birch tree over one season.

Lithuania is rich with birch trees, thus, it allows us to collect a large amount of sap locally. We call ourselves the perfectionists of taste and we are always searching for new flavours in order for each of you to find your favourite one.

Sip Sap – taste the fresh blooming forest all year round!


Birch tree Sap