ORHEI-VIT was established in 1945. It offers a wide range of products to its clients.

Naturalis is a large spectrum of juices and nectars offered at reasonable prices. The feature of tis brand is various juice mixes. Naturalis is the best decision for those who like tasty juices and nectars and care about their family budget. The production is presented in packing Tetra-Pak in sizes 1L, 2L and 0,2L with a straw.

Brand VITA was created for people focused on active healthy lifestyles with middle and high income. Today, under this name there are various juices with traditional and exotic flavors, canned vegetables, jams and canned fruits. For the customers’ convenience juices are available in formats: Tetra-Pak 1L and 0,250 L glass bottles.

The company is deeply convinced that ORHEI-VIT products can satisfy the demand and taste of the most fastidious clients.