Over the years company has introduced lots of flavours and lots of new kinds of cereal products under the FIT trademark, which has achieved a corporate status. It represents a wide range of products carrying its logo: Fit Muesli – muesli bars, Fit Muesli Bio – organic/bio muesli bars, Fit Fruit – fruit bars, Fit Fruit Bio – organic /bio/ fruit bars, Fit Fruity – children muesli bars, Fit biscuit – cereal biscuits, Fit Breakfast – breakfast cereals. Fit muesli bars have become a synonym of healthy sweets, the aim of which is not to replace regular meals but rather supplement them in a convenient and healthy way.

As for quality, companies food production is a holder of ISO 9001:2000 certificate and also HACCP and BRC certificates. These certificates prove that FIT production of muesli bars is a subject to the newest and strictest hygienic standards and regulations