Cantine Capetta is a solid and reliable partner offering consistent quality and cost effective brands. The Duchessa Lia flagship brand has allowed Cantine Capetta to become one of the leading Italian distributors of Piedmontese wines in Italy and one of the reference points for international distribution.

Duchessa Lia is the premium brand of Cantine Capetta offering a special selection of Piedmontese wines that are made with complete respect for varietal characteristics producing a range of wines and sparkling wines of impeccable quality and splendid territorial identity.

Extensive in-depth knowledge and experience of the territory allows each bottle to provide an authentic expression of the Piedmont hills. Cantine Capetta works as one big family with over 170 passionate winemakers providing grapes from more than 250 hectares of vineyards. These relationships have been founded on friendship, trust, and partnership which has been fundamental in allowing them to consistently producing quality wines. From the fields, to production and distribution, the Capetta family has successfully and consistently managed the process from vine to the glass.


Sparkling Wines