SALDVA is one of the leading spices’ producers in Lithuania. The company was established 20 years ago and since then it has accumulated huge valuable experience, selling more than 100 spice names. The brand name SALDVA is widely known, valued and consumed.

The assortment of  SALDVA is divided into 3 groups: natural spices (green packages), spice mixes (yellow) and confectionery (pink).

Quality spices

SALDVA spices reaches customers after going through two stages of quality control. First, the spices are observed and tested before the actual production. During the second stage, additional control is performed to evaluate the products that are ready for sale.

Attractive pricing

SALDVA pricing policy is customer-oriented. The goal is to enable every customer, independently from the income level, to find the product he/she needs.

Wide assortment

The experienced technological team of SALDVA is constantly working on developing and launching new spices as well as improving the existing ones. We ensure that, from the assortment of more than one hundred products, even the most fastidious consumer will find something that matches his/her needs.

Improved packaging

The packaging of SALDVA is very distinctive, convenient and functional. It is developed by leading designers and corresponds to all modern world standards. Its main function is to keep high quality and flavour features of the spices. In addition, the packaging protects spices from possible harms and is made to enable multiple usage; the transparent window of the spices’ pack enables the consumer to see what is being bought.

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