Tea is one of Nature’s most wonderful gifts: fragrant, refreshing and healthy. Founder of the Group Merrill J. Fernando has been working actively for forty six years in the tea industry; he is one of the most experienced Tea Tasters in the world. He organized the packing of tea at source, created the DILMAH brand, the name of which is formed form names of two Fernando’s sons.

The real hundred percent Ceylon tea 
DILMAH is produced since 1985, it is the best of types in any tea producing country. DILMAH tea is exported to over 82 countries in the world.

Manufacturing equipment of the MJF Group are the most modern and the largest among all tea producing countries. The Group invested more than 6 billion rupees in the tea business.

Main products of DILMAH: Herbal tea, green and black tea (loose leaf, tea bags), Fruit Flavoured black tea, Lady Silver black tea.

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